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Smart Lifting Solutions by AiroLift™

  • Prevent worker fatigue & injury

  • Increase productivity

  • Reduce handling costs

  • Designed to your unique application requirements

  • Built for continuous operation

  • OSHA & NIOSH compliant

Eliminate team lifts! One operator can do the same task as two or more workers

AiroLift™ offers a diverse product line of ergonomic material handling and manipulating systems to prevent worker fatigue, injury and increase your operations productivity.

From state-of-the-art custom product clamping, vacuum lifting, and manipulating systems, to our tried and true AiroLift™ product line, AiroLift™ is the solution to manufacturing difficulty.

We are the premier manufacturer of ergonomic clamping and vacuum-lifting systems for many of the largest companies in the world.
Whatever your application, AiroLift™ can custom design and build to your unique specifications.

AiroLift Sheet Metal Panel Lifter
AiroLift Truck Hood Lifter

The AiroLift™ is a unique and powerful lifting device and material handling system. Custom designed with clamping or vacuum pick-up end effectors, AiroLift™ has been used to solve the most complex lifting situations, with our new generation of semi-rigid manipulators, designed for ease of operation this twin-rod, pneumatic lifting device will perform a multitude of material handling applications. Featuring upending, rotating, and many more process specific capabilities, it's a handling system design that can be customized for lifting, manipulating or dumping applications while minimizing operator fatigue and accidental injury.

AiroLift™ Ergonomic Lifting Systems can be designed to lift and manipulate objects from 30 lbs to 1200 lbs, and almost any type of material. AiroLift™ can even be used in food grade wash down and clean-room environments as well as production process situations.

The system features a full 360° rotation ball bearing mounted top swivel, so air lines will not tangle on the special designed twin rod cylinder. All pneumatic logic controls are housed safely under a protective bellows, located for easy maintenance and a clean, dust free environment. Because of the distinctive properties of each load, AiroLift™, LLC conducts mandatory testing and approval prior to manufacturing. These tests assure you that any load will provide the best solution to your individual needs.

AiroLift Large Roll Handling

Safety & Productivity
Ergonomically designed for continuous operation all day without back/neck or hand/wrist strain, and AiroLift™ systems have shown up to a 40% increase in productivity! It also utilizes air-logic technology for excellent long term, low maintenance operation, keeping operating costs very low, and eliminates the need to run costly electrical connections, using only shop air for all operations.

AiroLift™ complies with the recommended OSHA and NIOSH standards, and features catastrophic air loss protection, and sensors that prevent a load from being released until it has been placed.

AiroLift Soft Pad Clamping Lifter for Fragile Parts

"Our lifting systems are designed with the operator in mind."

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