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AiroLift™ Design Specifications

AiroLift Lifting System Engineering Design Drawings

Our engineers design each lifting device

to your unique application requirements

We have successfully designed and built lifting systems in a multitude of industries and applications, including:

  • Food and Beverage Production

  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Processing

  • Large Metal, Wood or Glass Sheets and Windows

  • Vehicle Tops, Hoods and Doors

  • Wheel and Tire Manipulators

  • Ceramic Molds for Aerospace Industry

  • Roll Handling

  • Drum and Pail Handling

  • Large Crates and Boxes

  • High Temperature Metal Components

Designed for Employee Productivity, Safety and Low Cost Operation

  • Full 360° rotation eliminating tangled airlines and unnecessary maintenance

  • A twin rod design to give more rigidity for better load handling and positioning

  • Catastrophic air loss protection which slowly lowers product to the ground eliminating the possibility of product damage and maintaining operator safety

  • The unit utilizes "shop" air with low SCFM requirements to conserve air consumption and lower overall operating costs

  • Constructed of 316L stainless steel and/or anodized aluminum for food, drug and chemical industries

  • Virtually no maintenance due to few moving parts eliminating extra maintenance items, such as separate vacuum pumps and tubes, reducing overall operating costs

  • All air valves and logic relays are secured under a protective cover yet accessible for maintenance items resulting in lower maintenance cost (stainless steel optional)

AiroLift Metal Panel Lifter
  • The control panel has an ergonomically correct "rocker" switch for up and down movement, (no excessive wrist motion) for operator safety and well-being

  • Vacuum indicators and gauge are in the operators' view at all times to increase operators' confidence and overall productivity

  • Extremely low dB levels eliminating excessive noise pollution and increasing operator safety

  • Allows for off-center loading to increase operators' safety and productivity

  • Single hanging point to increase overall performance

  • Capacity: 30 lbs. to 1200 lbs. (higher capacities available)

  • Vertical Lift: 18 - 72 inches (optional extension adapters available to increase lift)

  • Speed: Variable and adjustable

  • Attachments: Vacuum, pneumatic and mechanical clamping

  • Standards: Warning indicators, vacuum gauges, 360° rotation, catastrophic air-loss protection, safety interlocks and sensors, 304/316L stainless steel or anodized aluminum construction, ergonomic control panel

  • Specials: Upenders, pneumatic and manual rotation options available, off-center loads, extended handle with balance control, explosion proof models

As a leader in high quality material handling system design,
we are capable of producing a wide variety of ergonomic lifting, clamping and dumping equipment.

Custom material handling equipment manufactured by AiroLift™, LLC. is the solution
to manufacturing difficulty, and can be designed for a variety of unusual products and environments.

"Our lifting systems are designed with the operator in mind."

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